Here is what you can do with ZeBug!

Keep your sunscreen (thicker lotion or gel type) and/or lip balm with you at all times and with easy availability! The ZeBug stores it for you and you can take it anywhere! It can come in handy on those times you space out taking your sunscreen with you, and you look down on your watch to see the little Zebug - open it and dab sunscreen on your nose & shoulders until you can get to your sunscreen supply!

People love the design and storage versatility! ONLY $2 each when you buy 5 or $2.50 each! Order your ZeBug here!

Give them out as party favors or gifts for others - get one for everyone in your family! Kids love to keep little things or small candies in the ZeBug.

ZeBug is a fashion statement. It looks cool!

Store other things, too - aspirin, meds, etc. ZeBug attaches easily to so many things!

They're COOL! ZeBug is available in these colors: black, white, neon pink, neon green, navy and army green.

Order your ZeBug here!

Pay now using PayPal - you may use PayPal to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover (no need to be a PayPal member - use it as a shopping cart).

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Use as a lip balm container. If you make lip balm, or need to take a small amount with you from a large container - store it in the Zebug! Great container to use if making and selling your own lip balm.

Use ZeBug as a way to advertise! ZeBug is a great way to promote your business - put your logo or web address, phone number, etc. on it and give it away or sell them as a "souvenir" - when others see it and think it's cool they'll see your ad on it and maybe they'll want one, or want what your business has to offer! Great for ski areas (a huge hit), football games, vacation stores, and much more!

If you want to use it to advertise - we can cut you a really good deal for bulk quantity orders. Email for more information.

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