Airplane Travel Tips

For flying, remember to have all liquids and gels in a quart sized bag. Dry items can be in your carryon bag. I like to use crystal deodorant (it's activated with water, so it travels dry), and lotion bars (looks like a bar of soap but it's lotion when you rub it on). Anything that I can take in the carryon and not in the quart bag is helpful. You can put larger bottles and tubes in the checked luggage, but I like to put them into a ziplock bag, in case they burst open from pressure, especially glass jars. The carryon should have your absolute needs, in the case of checked luggage getting lost.

Or - Deodorant wipes might be preferable.

For a long flight (4 or more hours), you should think about getting COMPRESSION SOCKS - to keep blood clots from forming - deep vein thrombosis.


Bring snacks on the plane - make sure they are permitted by TSA, or buy after you get through the checkpoint. Bring an empty water bottle, and fill it up after the checkpoint. Water on an airplane isn't very good to drink (that includes coffee and tea) - Google it.

Your luggage - find out the requirements for size and weight - different airlines have different criteria, and international criteria are even more different. You need to be aware of extra charges if you aren't careful to check and keep within guidelines. Make sure the luggage is as durable as needed, or soft case to keep weight down.

Wear extra clothes to save room in your luggage. It will also prove handy to keep warm - blankets from the airline are not likely to be clean. You can roll a jacket into a pillow for your head, or to support your back.

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I like to refill travel sized containers from my products, rather than buy the travel sized products from the store (per weight or ounce it's more expensive to buy in the small quantities, but you are limited to the products that are packaged this way - your favorites my not be available in travel sizes). These 2 ounce bottles are perfect, and being of silicone, they squeeze easily, and are BPA free, much safer than many of the product containers in the travel section.

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