Safety for Your Baby

Babies are so helpless - you need to be their world guide. First - help them learn to play and interact with others - not with a TV or electronic devices. Their brains need stimulation and not the kind from electronics. They need to experience things to grow and develop. Electronics take away the human needs (causing detachment), and may harm their brains and eyes - radiation, EMF (eletromagnetic fields), focusing, etc. Please play with your little one directly. Also, make sure to keep all furniture, toys, equipment, and such baby safe. Use baby gates, outlets covers, and anything that helps keep baby from getting hurt. Look for small parts and toys - keep out of reach as they could be swallowed.

Use a baby monitor to keep track of your baby while you are in other areas of the house. Place it a safe distance away to keep the EMF rays from being too close.

Baby Video Monitoring Camera by Arlo

Baby Cubby's Nursery Furniture, Cribs, Bedding, Monitors & More. Choose the nursery items that offer safety for your little one. Don't get a second-hand crib, as most are outdated and could place your baby in danger.

Baby safety in the car is absolute - choose a safe car seat and use it correctly.

Bouncers & Swings should also be safe items for your baby to play on.

Strollers have come a long way in safety. Older ones don't have safety features that are in the modern ones.

Safety for Your Kids

Your kids also need to stay safe. Give them age appropriate toys and things. Keep small items from them, and make sure pieces can't break off - so no swallowing or choking hazards. Protect their heads and eyes.

Child Safety Kit - you should register your child and take measures to assure his/her safety. There are too many people who want to do harm to children, sadly... these kits are free.

See kid safety helmets to protect their heads.

Child life vests for when in a boat, or near water areas.

Safe child swing keeps the child from falling out.

Your kids - please keep them safe. Teach them, register them (with a reputable company), set up location services, and love them unconditionally.

Teach your kids to be wary of strangers. Teach them to ignore strangers' requests for their help, or offers of candy, and such. There are so many ways kids can be lured away - to help find a lost dog, a lost kid, or even his parents. Candy and treats should never entice your kids - they could be spiked, and it's a way to get the child close enough to grab. Even people she knows could turn out to be dangerous (it keeps happening - a trusted figure is able to lure a child away). Keep them off social media until they are mature enough to handle it. There are many trolls who are looking for child targets. On that note, don't post photos of your kids on social media because bad people are looking for those photos (and sometimes the photos are downloaded and used in other awful ways - given to human traffickers, used in propaganda, or other uses).

Take photos and fingerprints of your children. List all special or significant identifiers - moles, freckles, scars, piercings, teeth features, etc. A kit is available to gather the information, then kept in a registry, in case it's ever needed (hopefully never).

Keep track of their locations, by setting up a parental GPS on their phone, by using an Amber GPS tool, and by teaching them to be honest with you on where they go (don't punish them for being honest - let them know it's better for you to know where they are, in case you need a starting point if you need to find them).

Let them know it's all because you love them - you don't want to lose them, or anything to happen to them. This is a different world we live in, and it's full of dangers we never imagined could happen. Certainly, more and new dangers will continue to show up, sadly, but as technology advances, so do the workings of evil minds. We need to keep diligent and try to keep ahead of the dangers coming.

Be vigilant about your kids' toys. They shouldn't have parts that fall off, have parts that can be swallowed, weren't made with toxic ingredients (be wary of cheap toys from China, for example), and keep them from screen play (play personally with them - keep them learning to be social, and keep the electronic radiation minimal on their little brains).

Keep medicines, firearms, machinery, and all dangers out of reach from children - lock up what could harm them. Secure furniture so none will fall over. Put outlet covers in place. Use common sense to keep your home safe.

There are so many dangers in the world for children, more than ever and growing. Be vigilant for them, protective of them, and teach them to advocate for themselves.

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