Phone Keyring Goes With You Everywhere!

Get rid of your store loyalty cards - take photos and load them to your phone - then open the app when you buy, pull up the store, and get credit for your purchase by scanning the virtual card!

The Key Ring app shows you sales and coupons to use at the stores.

The Key Ring app gives you options for deciding how to use it.

The Key Ring app lets you log into your account and add cards.

The Key Ring app lets you make a list for shopping or whatever you think of.

The Key Ring app uses your card photos and pulls the bar code from them - so the code only needs to be pulled up and scanned at the store.

I've been using the Key Ring app for some months now and it's easy. No carrying cardsa or flipping through your key ring fobs to find the store. The Key Ring app lists the stores alphabetically, so you just scroll down to the store, or you can search.

Get the the Key Ring app and lighten your wallet, your purse, and your key ring!

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