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Food can set up your health. Food can satisfy you in ways other things can't. Food is something we can't live without. I advocate for healthy foods, but making them taste great, using spices and good combinations of flavors. People aren;t even aware that I am feeding them healthy meals. Then again, I know people want to treat themselves at times. Try to keep a good balance - don't eat empty calories and junk foods. Learn how to enjoy eating real foods with nutrition.

Spices perk up your meals, and make foods more healthy. Certain spices and combinations help with illnesses, cancers, stress, and more. Learn more about spices - I'll write more on this on another page then put the link up/

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Here's a Rub variety package - or buy separately. Rubs are great for coating meats - not rubbing spice on, but generously sprinkling on. Then grill or bake.

Fish is healthy - wild caught over farmed. Farmed fish are fed non natural foods and compromise the nutrition that nature had intended (and they swim in their own dirty water, with little room to get the exercise they need).

Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon

Eat a variety of colors in fruits and vegetables. Eat more vegetables than fruits - to reduce the amount of sugar you eat. Dried fruits have more concentrated sugars than fresh, so eat sparingly. I like a half handfu of raisins or prunes every day - helps with moving things along. Don't eat the same selection for days of produce - change it up to get different vitamins from them.

Then there's the sweets (eat sparingly!):

Bake Me  A Wish

David's Cookies

Birthday Cakes, Cake Delivery, Bake Me a Wish

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