Computer Comfort & Ergonomics

Proper ergonomic position of your computer and laptop is essential to avoid problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain and fatigue, among various other symptoms of discomfort. Use the below guidelines to find a proper ergonomic position for your computer work.

Is Your Laptop Hurting Your Health?
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Your Seat - It should be adjustable - in height, in swivel, in the armrest. You need to be able to change your position a bit throughout your day. Your legs should rest so the bottom of your foot rests on the floor or footrest, with the back of the knee slightly higher than the height of the chair seat. The armrest should support the forearms comfortably, and not interfere with movement.


Your Monitor - It should be directly in front of you, at a height that the top line of the monitor screen is at your eye level. You should be viewing it from at least 18-24 inches away.


Your Keyboard - It should be directly in front of you. The height should be so the elbow is at the side of the body and comfortable, with relaxed shoulders, and the wrist flat. Your forearm should be parallel to the floor with the elbows to the side.

For more information on ergonomic positioning of computers see this site.


Your Mouse - It should be directly to the side with your arm close to your body, with no reaching. Your arm should have a straight line from your hand to your forearm. The wrist should not be elevated. A cordless mouse may be the answer.


Your Laptop - Laptops are a poor design for comfort. Ergonomically speaking - they are awful. Your laptop screen should be at eye level, not to have to look down at it. The wrists should be straight out along the elbow line when typing or mousing. Don't work on your laptop while it's on your lap - not a good position. Of course, you can plug in a keyboard and a mouse, then position your laptop screen up higher, and place the mouse and keyboard at optimum positions - this is not practical if you carry your laptop around - only if you are sitting at your desk using it.

To adjust the laptop to be comfortable, and to position it as close as possible to be ergonomic, you should consider using the LapGenie laptop desk. It takes the heat off your lap and puts the laptop in a good ergonomic working position. See the LapGenie for the best solution to make your laptop comfortable.

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Is Your Laptop Hurting Your Health?

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