Research Cars Before Buying

Things to consider when buying or leasing a car:

  • New or Used?

    New Car Pricing

  • Buy or Lease?

    New Car Lease Deals

  • Finance options

    Bad Credit Auto Finance

  • Miles on the car? Any previous smokers that would make a differance?
  • Maintenance logs?
  • Look up the VIN to see if it has come from an area that has had flooding - it may be resold and be defective. Check under the floormats, under the carpet in the trunk, between the console and seats - all places that may have evidence of water garbage from flooding.
  • Standard or shift?
  • Options that are important to you - UBS ports, radio, CD player, iPhone jacks, automatic windshield wipers, side mirror pull-in. trunk lock disable, automatic start, DVD player, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

  • Insurance for the car
  • Car Communications systems:

    Hello Direct, Inc.- 10% off link

  • Tired of speeding tickets? When we were abroad, it was invaluable to know when a speed camera was going to come up.
  • Need car parts? Covers, transmission, suspension, steering, fuel system, exhaust, engine electrical and mechanical system, axle and driveshaft, clutch, cooling system, brake system, electrical system, accessories, air system, car body, and more.

    Auto Parts Warehouse

Compare Car Rental Companies

Things to consider when renting a car:

  • The size of the car you need
  • Standard or shift (shift is an option in other countries)
  • If you can get a photo of the car - once we were given a car that was a "billboard" - painted with advertisements
  • Check all dents before you take the car - document them with the car representative

Do not overpay. Come to Thrifty. Book Smart.

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