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On My Site - Where Did it Go?

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Log Into to Your Host!

By Pauliina Roe,

Make sure you are not experiencing problems with your sites or your host. Lots of "things happen" when dealing with the Internet and computers. Some are explainable and fixable - others unfortunately not. The best way to arm yourself is to keep an eye on things so you will know when something is out of whack.

You should log into your hosting company site occasionally and see if there are any alerts that show up. One could be that you are going close to or over your bandwidth limit - but what if you aren't getting the site visitors or sales to reflect that? Call or email your host and see what is happening - perhaps you are getting a huge amount of spam and you are the one who has to pay for all of that! Find out what spam controls there are to prevent this from happening, or set up to dump your mail off of the server regularly so the hosting server isn't storing it.

Notice if anyone else seems to have logged on at any point, other than when you have. See if your contact information is still the same. See if anyone uploaded new files onto your domain that are not familiar to you. See if anyone uploaded over your sites and perhaps changed your site content. It is always possible for someone to hack into your hosting site, or you can also suspect that an insider, an employee at that host, may be getting into your business. If you see any suspicious activity, immediately check your sites to be certain they appear as you expect (not leading to a porn site or to someone else's money making site). Make sure your affiliate links are still leading to your credit. Then, armed with any information you gather, call the host and speak with their customer service or tech department. They will have to get this stopped for you, and must catch the employee if it's an "inside job."

If everything is working fine, there is no worry. You can go about your business as usual and make sure to log in again in another week or two. As long as you know what is normal, you will be able to monitor anything odd (much like paying attention to how your car runs) and catch problems before they get bad (as in search engines taking your site off their searches due to inappropriate or deceptive content changes, or people clicking your site and finding porn links - they won't be going back, etc.).


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On My Site - Where Did it Go?

By Pauliina Roe,

Do you see lots of sites with empty x'ed out boxes where a photo or banner should be? This can happen to anyone, at any time, on any site. You should always check your sites to make sure your images are showing up - from a browser and on the Internet. Sometimes they drop off at the hosting end, for whatever reason. Sometimes the site that is hosting them (like an affiliate site) may be down, or may have pulled the banner, or may not realize that the banner dropped off on its end. Call or email the host of the site, be it your hosting company, or ask the owner of the banner to check on it from his end. If it's dropped off of your host, immediately upload it so your visitors will not notice the missing graphics.

Look at your site from a browser - is it somewhat mucked up or missing portions of it? Always look at your site from another browser while on the Internet to see what it looks like, immediately after uploading, and occasionally as a routine. You might be surprised to see it doesn't look like what you thought you uploaded. Some pieces may be missing, or the links may not connect to the right content, or the bottom is gone along with your contact information. This can happen during uploading if your upload did not complete - perhaps the Internet connection had a blip while uploading, or perhaps the FTP program stopped working during the upload, or maybe something else is happening at the hosting end. Believe me - I've had it all happen to me - sometimes it's the upload, and until I changed the host on one of my domains, it was the host.

Are you absolutely certain you wrote the code correctly? Again, check your site from a browser via the Internet - perhaps you forgot to end a BOLD code with < / b > or perhaps you didn't close a link with < / a > - you need to look at it and see what may be happening that needs a prompt fix.

Where did my site go? Sometimes I don't know, but as long as I check them after uploading and regularly thereafter, I can try to correct the problem before everyone else sees it, and passes it by because it's such a mess.


Pauliina Roe is webmaster and funding agent. She's worked on the Internet since 1997, and has written many informative articles. See many of them at

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