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Why are my dollars being spent at Overture and Google but no business comes from my site?
Are You an Expert Regarding Your Site?
Why does my site look like garbled crap after I upload it, and look at it later?

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Why are my dollars being spent at Overture and Google but no business comes from my site?

First - see if your site actually looks the way you want it to, you need to look at your site from a browser - pull it up from the Internet to see it the way others see it. Look at it as if it is not your site - would it compel you to buy from it? I know you believe people who are looking for your site will find what they want, but some people are just "lookers" and not ready to buy. They want to be educated, and if you don't do a good job telling them why they really can use your product to their benefit now, they might surf elsewhere to find out more and then be compelled to buy from another site. Give information, but also show why your visitor needs this thing now.

Perhaps your pricing is too high, as well. Perhaps people are not impressed with the site presentation. Maybe they don't see it as a credible looking site - perhaps you need to work on that. Make sure all links work, all methods of contact for you are on the site, and promptly answer all emails and messages that people do send to you. Look at your competition - what can you do better on with your site - what sets you apart as the site people want to go to? Some people also feel sponsored sites are "dirty sites" that pay to have up-front presence but do not deserve to be in search engines on their own merit. You still need to work on the search engines to put your site higher in the search.

One last suggestion - see if you know that your site is being monitored for fraudulent clicks - some competitors purposely click on other sites just to run down money, so their competitors will get pushed out of the way and allow their sites to afford to be #1 in the sponsored listings. I know Google checks into this and I've been reimbursed quite a bit of money for these fraudulent clicks. Make sure any program you use takes fraud seriously and checks for abuse, plus reimburses you for the bad clicks (these include multiple clicks from the same computer within a certain amount of time, or other abuse they can track).


P. Roe writes "Wise Little Tidbits" - with tips on optimizing your websites and your computer. Free to Subscribe:
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Are You an Expert Regarding Your Site?

By P. Roe,, Wise Little Tidbits

Are you representing a product or service you have no clue about? If someone were to call you for information, could you answer his or her questions? How do you handle it?

If you have a website you are promoting for a pharmacy, for example how do you deal with the inquiries people have regarding medications and pricing, etc.?

You usually have to educate yourself fairly well in order to tackle their concerns. Do you have a passion about it and an understanding that you can speak about, and then people will feel you are credible? Do you understand what you are talking about?

If you represent a product or service, you need to
A. automate it , or
B. refer it out, or
C. be an expert.

To automate, you supply enough information so people will get most of their answers through other means. This can include FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages, or brochures, or autoreponders, or some other means of getting information out fast.

To refer it, the program might have a very good customer service department and you can just refer the calls to their number. If you work with a field of experts, you can also direct their calls to a professional. I opt to take the first contact and call, and then decide how to handle it. I want them to feel like they have a contact who cares about them. If I can't provide the answer, I refer them on to someone who can.

You can opt to become an expert and study to know the program or product inside and out. If you can represent it intelligently and well, by knowing everything about it, you will probably sell more. Often, if you can't help, people will search for another source who can help.

Make sure to list your approach on your site so visitors will know their options. They need to pull up an autoresponder, or have a good number to call, etc. Once you establish your method, you will be better off, and can offer more options as you think of them. Remember, people who search the Internet usually want the information right away, so figure out how they will get the best, most accurate information, and fast.


P. Roe writes "Wise Little Tidbits" - with tips on optimizing your websites and your computer. Free to Subscribe:
Optimize Your Site
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Why does my site look like garbled crap after I upload it, and look at it later?

This could happen for a variety of reasons - do you have some sort of source code that perhaps your hosting company cannot understand? Take it out and upload again to see if it makes a difference.

It could be that your upload just didn't completely "take" - you should try to upload again and check it in a browser by calling it up on the Internet. Perhaps something was "missed" in the uploading process, which can happen occasionally.

Look at your site and see where the breakdown occurs - then look at your HTML code to see what is happening there - maybe you are missing a > or a " or two lines overlapped one another and should not be as it now is.

Make sure you always look at your website by typing the web address into the browser while online - you never know what others are looking at when going to your site. If it's a mess no one will stay on it for long - correct it!


P. Roe writes "Wise Little Tidbits" - with tips on optimizing your websites and your computer. Free to Subscribe:
Optimize Your Site
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