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Your Inventions and Ideas
Does it sound too good to be true?
More on the Nigerian Scam
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Check Your Bank Accounts Daily!
IRS Scams
Is This Bill Really Mine?

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Your Inventions and Ideas

Watch out for the age old scams of people "wanting to help you with your ideas" - to bring them to life and make your product a reality. There are people sending out emails and ads that are asking for your ideas - I don't trust them because some will take your ideas as their own (make sure you have strict confidentiality agreements with anyone you do business with), or some will ask for up-front money and then just take off. Make sure if you have a great idea that you look for a credible company to represent you. Find references and see that they are an approved business.

Once your idea is out, be warned that there are all kinds of scammers and businesses that will try to capitalize on your patent or idea. They will send out all kinds of "assistance" - and it's likely you don't need any. You'll get offers to have your patent printed onto a lampshade. You'll get the most outrageous offers to do things with your patent or idea - don't fall victim to any that may not be legitimate. Also - before you have your patent engraved on something, see if your idea can sell and make money. If no one wants it, what good will it do to have it on all your lampshades?

Does it sound too good to be true?

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You don't normally get rich overnight, and one person's formula may not work for you. If you get in at the tail-end of an opportunity, you might have trouble because people have already heard about it or bought into it and you may not find someone new to pitch to. Things that are free - some are great deals, some are just a junk offer - but most will have at least one condition (minimum of needing your contact information in order to pitch other offers to you - but if you want to try the product, that may not be a problem and is only a small inconvenience if you can get a free trial or product).

If there is a cure-all supplement, talk to people who really have used it (and not just the person selling it who will say anything to get you to buy it) and had success. See if your situation may be similar or totally different from what a success story situation is. Being unique, people don't actually react the same way to certain products. Don't expect the same result as someone else. Also - always consult your doctor before trying a new treatment plan - you may have drug interactions if you are taking medications, or you might have a health problem that needs some other type of attention. Miracle cures often are not - and only after years of taking them, people can get serious health problems - such as the fen-phen era of weight loss supplements (these people have dire health problems now, many dying, and the lawsuits are not helping enough).

Is This Bill Really Mine?

I just received a bill. It had a charge on it, broken down much like a phone bill. It had an account number, my name, my home address. It didn't have my phone number on it to reference me. It had their toll free phone number, however, and I called it. Granted, the bill wasn't a high ticket amount, but when I read the small print, it said it was a recurring monthly bill.

I called and was on hold for over 20 minutes. When I got a representative on the phone, I stated that I received a bill that I did not feel was correct for me. I said I was calling to find out if this bill is fraudulent. She quickly got on my case and got my "billing info" to find me.

She said it was a charge from having an old calling card, about 5 years ago, and whether I remembered such a card (I did not remember any such card, but from 5 years ago????). She asked if I wanted to cancel the service and get the bill canceled - I said "yes!"

She said they were sending these bills out to get people to call them if it was not correct. so they could cancel people off these dormant (but now reactivated) accounts. Well, this doesn't seem to be right - they should send a statement about doing this - most people would pay the small bill and not think anything of it, at least not for awhile. Since it would come month after month, some people might get suspicious. Some might think their phone service provider is responsible for the bill and call to get it consolidated into the phone bill, at which time they'd find out there is no relation.

Pay attention to your bills! They might not really be your bills. About The Author: Pauliina Roe is a Funding Agent, who believes in helping people, and this includes letting them know about scams and alerts. Funding options are available at Scams and Alerts are available at

For more articles by Pauliina Roe please visit:

More on the Nigerian Scam

I have been called, on the phone, to help "fund" a "housing project" in Nigeria, in which the money to pay back is locked in some account that needs to be laundered and placed into a U.S. account first. Needless to say, I declined the deal. I was called because I am a Funding Agent by occupation and the scammer looked that up most likely from my website.

A new email message came the other day in which the person was trying to help the relatives of get this MY MAIDEN NAME, and of their originating country, which was not mentioned. Yes, those were my parent's names, and yes, they immigrated to the U.S. when they were younger, but they are in no way part of some money laundering scheme that some murdered person left funds to be used. Not only that, but my mother is no longer alive, and the appeal does not make sense in the way it was written.

The scary thing about these contacts is that the scammers are looking up business and personal information in order to "hook" us into believing the story. They are preying on our emotions and occupations. It's one new trick after another. No longer is it limited to Nigeria it involves other countries, as well. It dives into your specific and close to the heart situations and business. You need to beware of these tricks do not believe them, even if you "know" the players. Watch out!


P. Roe writes "Scam Alerts" how to spot scams and the latest scam report. To subscribe for free,

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When applying for funding do NOT send money to apply this is usually a sign of a scam, and also illegal in many states. There are companies that do not charge that is what you need to look for. I have heard too many stories of people sending money orders with an application, and never hearing back from the service. There may be application fees, but they should be able to be rolled over into the financed amount. If you must pay first, then be sure it is at the EXACT same time as you receive your check. Double ii's Services does not ask for up-front application fees.

Of course, there are certain exceptions, like when a pension is sold a re-direction must take place prior to the funds being dispersed, since the re-direction takes place solely at the applicant's responsibility. It is not guaranteed that the funds will go to the pension funder, so that payment must go through first. There may be other cases like this, but you need a CONTRACT every time, stating exactly what both parties intend to do, and signed by both.


Sunscreens contain potentially harmful or allergic ingredients that can cause reactions in people. Some cannot tolerate coconut oil, some aloe, and then there are the inert ingredients that contain other fillers that are no good. Look at the ingredients active and inert. If they are questionable, don't choose that brand. Do not share sunscreen if the other person has allergies that can be aggravated by these ingredients. Schools don't allow kids to bring sunscreen to school it is treated as a medication because of the sensitivities it can bring up in others. Find a good overall sunscreen that is also safe.

A good one can be found here.

Check your bank accounts daily! Report any charges...

Check your bank accounts daily! Report any charges that you do not recognize. I found a charge of $703 made in my account and I did not make the charge. I called my bank immediately and my card was canceled right away, and they told me that the charge was made in a store in Texas - I was in Colorado the entire time. I called the business (they had a website that I found on a search). The purchase was made on the Internet and the part was picked up the next day. I asked what matching information they had - they used my credit card number, my address, my phone number, my name - but not the 3 digit number on the back of the card. The store owner asked me if I was white or black, which I thought odd, but said white. He said the people who picked up the part were black. I called the bank with the information and they began an investigation. The bank provisionally credited me back the $703 within days. Having made the purchase as a Visa credit card, I was covered by the Visa fraud protection. I made a police report as well, and the officer said there is a sophisticated device that is handheld - it scans a credit card and takes all information on it. Then the thief only need to pull up phone and address information - easy to do if you are in the phone book, or have information available on the Internet. The only protection you have is to monitor your accounts diligently and run all your transactions as credit (not debit). Keep track of who gets hold of your card, and if possible do not lose sight of your card when you use it - don't let anyone take it away or under a desk area to process it - have it processed in front of you.

More credit help can be found here.

"IRS" scams

The IRS won't be emailing you about taxes due, refunds you are getting, or anything like that. Not sending letters asking for account information - none of that. There are scams abounding in which people are "phishing" for your social security number (one step in committing identity fraud with your identity), or asking for your bank account information so they can access your account, or other personal information. Do not give it out - call the IRS yourself and ask if it's for real, if you think it might be. Go to the official website at or call 1-800-829-1040. Do NOT use any contact information given to you in an email or letter.

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