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LapGenie (TM) Testimonials - Innovative, Ergonomic Laptop Desk/Support

Find out more about the LapGenie ergonomic laptop desk - for better comfort, plus eliminate heat and body strain.

Read these below testimonials from people the LapGenie (TM) has helped immensely (and I have seen a 100% satisfaction rate on our sales).
LapGenie Testimonials:

"I received my LapGenie about 1.5 weeks ago. What a neat item."


I would like to let you know how much the Lap Genie has helped me. I have a back problem. I cannot lean over. I work at a college and proofread papers. I would go to work and come home with incredible pain that rendered me helpless. Since I started taking the Lap Genie to work, I come home and am able to function. I keep the papers at face level with the Lap Genie. It has vastly improved the quality of my life. I can't begin to describe the benefits I have found using the Lap Genie. It literally has saved me my job.

My daughter also uses the Lap Genie in the evenings. She does her homework on the floor with it. She can sprawl out on the floor and have her work in front of her without putting holes in the paper from the rug. My husband has asked me to let him have it the next time he has to travel on a business trip. He would like to use it to work on the plane.

I don't think I can spare it unless I am not working. Because of Lap Genie, I am able to go shopping after work. I can get wood from outside to keep our wood stove burning after I get home from work. It is amazing how much of a difference it has made. I strongly suggest anyone with a back injury to get one. It has been a life saver.

LE, Idaho (now relocated to Washington)


"I'm really enjoying the one I've been using....they have a great product."


"I received the LapGenie on Saturday. It works great! My wife is pregnant and is home on modified bedrest. She's able to get out of bed and move around but needs to stay sitting, or laying, down with her feet up as much as possible. Her boss has agreed to let her work from home with a laptop. This is allowing her to use her laptop in comfort instead of on her lap or with a food tray. This works fantastic. Thanks for getting it out quickly."


"I have been using the Lap Genie for a couple of days now and I am so impressed! One of my favourite ways of working with a laptop at home is to sit on the floor, back resting against the armchair, legs out straight in front. You know the problem with that one of course, as it is part of the rationale behind your designing this device. I came home last night and spent a pleasant hour typing up lecture notes, whilst listening to Bach, as opposed to an uncomfortable hour of constantly changing position and avoiding burning my legs! Every time I pick it up I still find it remarkable that something so strongly constructed and robust, can weigh so little. As you suggest on your web site I checked out the opposition and there really is no competition. One of them actually made me laugh out loud as the idea of using their product at home, let alone in a public place, was frankly ludicrous.

The other use I put the Lap Genie to is in my car. I use GPS a lot for navigating through towns like London and I have a system that links to the PC and which reads out the directions in real-time. I had previously looked at in car mounting systems (nothing in the UK again sadly) and found myself asking the question - why pay out a lot of notes for something that will, ultimately, have only one use? Your device fits snugly in the passenger footwell and stops my precious laptop from sliding off of the passenger seat. I can pull off the road into a lay-by or service area and quickly check the map, or program a new route. Nothing short of sheer brilliance for which I take my hat off to you!

Well, to summarise I would describe the LapGenie as a well constructed device that does everything you say it does and more. It is lightweight and robust, takes up no room at all and will definitely save my legs from third degree burns and put my chiropractor out of business! Definitely one of those inventions where I find myself asking the question - how did I manage without it before?"


"We received it and it is fabulous!!!" E. S.


"Everyone asks me where I got mine - whenever I use it, people are impressed. It's a wonderful product for me - so convenient, no heat, best position (I work in total comfort, no bending over or bad arm position) - it's great!" P.N.


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