LapGenie (TM) - Laptop Desk With Many Uses

LapGenie is a multiple use Laptop Desk or Lap Desk - adjust laptop position for optimal comfort. LapGenie can be used in many ways, for many purposes - keep reading.

More about what the LapGenie can do here.

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LapGenie can be used in many ways.

LapGenie can be used as a laptop desk. Position your laptop in the most comfortable way.

LapGenie can be used as a reading or writing desk. Use it in bed, on a chair, while traveling, etc.

LapGenie can be used in the kitchen for positioning your recipe books while cooking.

LapGenie can help people who are bedridden, to be able to work in bed. LapGenie can adjust your laptop or book or other work so you can even work in a prone position in comfort.

LapGenie can be used as a podium, for use when making presentations or speeches.

LapGenie can be used as a portable desk. Use it on an airplane, on a bus, in a car, almost anywhere.

Use it as a child's desk.

Use it as a stand to watch DVDs on while traveling. Place a DVD player on it for the kids to watch.

Think of all the other possibilities...

Call 303-349-7096 or email if you have questions.

LapGenie comes in two sizes and four colors. The regular size is good for people whose thighs are up to 19 inches wide. If your thighs are more than 19 inches wide when sitting, you should order the Extra Large (XL) version. Regular LapGenie comes in colors of black, gray, blue and fuschia. LapGenie XL is available in black and gray.

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