LapGenie (TM) - Get Laptop Heat Off of You

LapGenie is a laptop desk that can be positioned to get your laptop off of your legs, taking the heat away. Your laptop heat need no longer be on your legs. Position the LapGenie in the most comfortable way. Laptop heat is bad for you, and for your laptop.

Did you know that using a laptop may be hazardous to your health?

More about what the LapGenie can do here.

What price do you put on your health???

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Laptops can run hot on your lap - use the LapGenie to lift the laptop heat away from your lap, making you more comfortable.

The laptop heat build-up can be uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. In men, the heat on the lap can cause fertility problems. For others, the laptop heat build-up can be very uncomfortable. The heat can scald a person when on the lap. The laptop battery can build up heat, or if the laptop is plugged in, it can get very hot - some hot enough to cause a fire danger. The use of a laptop when used on clothing, or on blankets on a bed - can block the air vents that are needed to keep the laptop cool. This can not only cause overheating, but also can crash your laptop (your hard drive cannot withstand such high temperatures). The LapGenie desk can lift the laptop off of your lap, off of your blankets, and help prevent heat build-up.


Make sure to take care of both your own health, and of the laptop. LapGenie can help you and your laptop. Your laptop can last longer without the heat issues, and you can be more comfortable without the heat of the laptop.

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