LapGenie (TM) - Portable, Comfortable Lap Desk & Laptop Desk for Your Health

LapGenie is a multiple use Laptop Desk or Lap Desk - adjust laptop position for optimal health and comfort. You can alleve neck, back, and wrist strain, and also get the laptop heat away from you by adjusting the position of your LapGenie. You can place the keyboard in good wrist position, and the screen up toward or at eye level. The heat is lifted away from your lap, and the comfort level is noticeable. Bedridden people can use LapGenie to do work in bed.

Did you know that using a laptop may be hazardous to your health?

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What price do you put on your comfort and health?

Ergonomically, laptops are a bad design. Make sure you position the laptop optimally, for a more healthy you.

LapGenie can be used to help many people who have health challenges. LapGenie adjusts your laptop, your books, your work into easy to use positions when you must work from bed, when you are in recovery and confined to rest. LapGenie can be a blessing for pregnant women who must continue to work while perhaps on bed rest, or just to get comfortable.

LapGenie can adjust your laptop to optimal position, giving greater comfort and perhaps also to alleve carpal tunnel symptoms. Relieve strain on your back, neck, arms and wrist (no more awkward, bending-over positions to work on your laptop).

Laptops can run hot on your lap - use the LapGenie to lift the laptop away from your lap, making you more comfortable. Laptop heat can cause fertility problems in men. A very hot laptop can cause scalding on the legs. For your health, use the LapGenie.


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LapGenie comes in two sizes and four colors. The regular size is good for people whose thighs are up to 19 inches wide. If your thighs are more than 19 inches wide when sitting, you should order the Extra Large (XL) version. Regular LapGenie comes in colors of black, gray, blue and fuschia. LapGenie XL is available in black and gray.

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