Need Cash Options? Get Money, Save Money? Find or Buy Something?

Are you struggling to get by, to afford things? Do you have funding options available to get you the cash you need?
Or can you buy what you need, or even find it? Find out ways to save time and money, and how to get funding for your situation, if available. The economy has been so bad for so many people, and we're here to try to help.

Waiting for Your Lawsuit, Insurance or Other Payment? 303-220-5679 - NOT available in Colorado

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LapGenie - to work on your laptop anywhere in comfort, without the heat!

We are redoing the websites so please bear with us - there are too many expired links and programs that we need to get off the sites, then we'll bring them back up with new links and information.

Need Cash Options? Need to Get Money, Save Money or Buy Something in Particular?

Not all states or cases qualify for funding. Colorado cannot be funded at this time.

In today's sad economic state, people are finding it tough to make ends meet. If you are suffering financially, you may be able to find some help here - either in finding money or on saving money.

Are you in need of cash now? If you have run out of money, and need to make payments, you may have funding available for you. Waiting for a lawsuit or insurance payment? Perhaps you have a lawsuit or insurance settlement that you could use the settlement money from right now. Been injured in an accident? You may be able to get an advance on this. Perhaps you have other assets you can sell off, or a portion of. These can include property, stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages, lottery, inheritance, monthly payment plans, and more. Find out what you have that you can get an advance against, or sell off completely. Find out more at Advance Lawsuit Funding, or call 303-220-5679.


Relief for your arms, wrist, back & neck when using a laptop
Laptops are ergonomically awful - the screen and keyboard aren't in the right places to keep yourself healthy - you have to lean over to work with it, and then there is the problem of heat - which can and does cause other health problems. One wonderful invention is the LapGenie - it is an adjustable desk to set your laptop or work into the best position it can be - on the go when traveling, in bed, sitting in a waiting area or on an airplane, etc. It folds up for easy travel, and has many other uses. Check it out. It's made a huge difference to me (back problems, extreme laptop heat) and a lot of people.

See LapGenie Specials Here!

Keep your sunscreen (thicker lotion or gel type) and/or lip balm with you at all times and with easy availability! The ZeBug stores it for you and you can take it anywhere! It can come in handy on those times you space out taking your sunscreen with you, and you look down on your watch to see the little Zebug - open it and dab sunscreen on your nose & shoulders until you can get to your sunscreen supply!
Only $2 each when you buy 5+, or $2.50 each!

Order your ZeBug here (Shipping Included)!

If purchasing more than 5, pay $2 each (Shipping Included):

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You meet a meat cutter who is named Sam. He cuts prime ribs, stew meat, ribs, and many other cuts of meat. He wears size 38" jeans and is about 5 foot 3. Sam's shirts are oversized and baggy, and his shoes look about size 13. What does Sam weigh?
The answer is "Sam weighs meat - he's a meat cutter."
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